Company Information
Clover Country Meats

Who are we?

The Clover Country Meats story began at the foothills of the Dial Range in the midst of the rich farmlands of the North West coast of Tasmania, just 10 minutes drive from the coastal town of Ulverstone.

It was a vision for quality, combined with a passion for nature’s way of producing product excellence, which has seen Wild Clover develop into the trusted and well respected brand that it is today.

Clover Country Meats has the unique opportunity to see a product develop from paddock to plate and is able to ensure that stock is finished to perfection.

The team of qualified staff ensure quality at every stage of the process from the selection of the meat, the supervision of finishing through the slaughtering process and packaging for sale.

Wild Clover is able to achieve a consistent level of quality through the use of well bred lambs grown to take advantage of the lush pastures and temperate climate and providing a superior natural product, full of tenderness and flavour.

Clover Country Meats have confidence in their product, price and the satisfaction that you will have in your purchase. The commitment is to supply meat products and services that consistently exceed customers’ expectations every time.

Products and Services


At Clover Country Meats we produce a full range of lamb products, which have been finished to perfection on the farm, and the difference in flavour and quality of these products is noticeably superior.

We provide restaurants and hotels with our prime products, which are all delivered directly to the customer. This ensures each customer’s needs are personally met by our team, and we can guarantee consistency and quality every time.

Clover Country Meats provide:

- Wholesale orders to butchers
- Retail orders direct from the farm to customers
- Service kill for farmers of their own livestock