Recipes - Chicken
Chicken Schnitzel with Red Pepper Marmalade

4 Chicken Schnitzels
2 Rashes of Middle Bacon
Grated Cheese
Parsley Finely Chopped
Red Pepper Marmalade


  1. Cook Chicken Schnitzel on a low heat.
  2. Once Cooked, take from the pan and top with sliced bacon and grated cheese and place under a grill until golden brown.
  3. Add Red Pepper Marmalade and sprinkle with Parsley, Sea Salt and Ground Pepper to taste.

Serves 4

Chicken Schnitzel



Chicken Ballottine

Whole boneless Nichols Chicken, wrapped in Smokey middle bacon rashes with tasty shredded with Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen’s Yellow Pepper and Apricot Marmalade with Whisky and Almonds.

Cooking time: 20 mins for every 500gm.

Suggestion: Cook chicken ballotine in an oven bag or enclosed in roasting dish

Serve Hot for Sunday roast or sliced cold with a tasty salad.



Chicken Ballottine